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We are a senior group of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing quality services to people with Autism Spectrum conditions, as well as their families and professionals working in this area.

We understand that it can be difficult and stressful when you or your child find yourselves struggling at home, at work, at school and amongst friends. Increased awareness of Autism means that people are much better informed, and the question of whether or not an individual’s difficulties are related to an Autism Spectrum Condition is more frequently asked by people who have learned about this through reading, watching TV or talking to friends and family. We strongly believe that understanding Autism and related conditions is crucial in helping people move forward and receive the right help and support at home, in education, in employment and in the community, and getting the environment right for that person.

Making sure that we make accurate and timely diagnoses is the first step in making this happen, and we are proud of our thorough, client-centred and evidence-based approach which is fully accordant with NICE Guidelines. Following this, the diagnosis is shared with the appropriate people, so that the right support and help can be put in place to get the environment right for the individual. This can include School professionals (Teachers and Teaching Assistants), Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Liaison teachers, Educational Psychologists and Employers.

We accept referrals from families and individuals themselves, schools, GPs, Paediatricians, and other organisations. We can speak to you within 24 hours, and can see you quickly for your first appointment.

Our services are fully transparent, ensuring that you know at all times of what is involved in any assessment/intervention, and what information is being shared.

We are fully accredited: